On My Chemical Dependency

Lamotrigene, Xanax, and the perfect amount of sleep. The delicate balance is taxing in itself. For those who've depended on medication to get through the day, this is normal. For those who've never experienced it, here's what it's like to be dependent on medication.

Stripes & Pearl Accents

Striped pants are a very underrated item. I see them getting some recognition, but it's nowhere near the widespread adoration that that deserve. These are clearly for summer but I just added some tights and pretended that I didn't know. It works. 

The Sound of Spring

What does spring mean to me? New beginnings often give way to nostalgia and, when both are indulged, perfect balance is achieved. Here are some of my favorite songs that do an alright job of expressing that feeling.

Bow Tie & Stripes

I never really got into Rilo Kiley but I can respect the vibes and I often try to channel Jenny Lewis in my looks, because she's an indisputable babe. In addition to being an ode to Jenny, this ensemble is a nod to a younger me. Floppy bow ties 4ever, folks.

Ode to Orange

If you're going to choose to be a color, choose to be orange. If you're going to be a fruit, choose to be an orange. Joy, creativity, passion, and a fresh start? Count me in.