Old City Wedding

Rob and Chelsea are good friends of mine so of course I was beyond honored when they asked me to capture their big day. Aren't they just a dream?



Spruce Street Harbor Park

Nothing like a little lady date at the greatest urban beach ever created. (According to me.) There is nothing greater than the soft, gentle push of a pleasantly mild mid-August breeze. Add some black bean burgers, hammock hangs, and intermittent bouts of laughter scattered throughout deep conversation and it makes for one dreamy afternoon. Not to get too regional on you but it's these gems that make me fall in love with my city more and more. Sitting in a hammock over the water with a hibiscus vodka and ginger beer drink in my hand, I just couldn't help but think about how peaceful and happy everyone was within that little area. I then thought about how if all of those same people were together in their cars stuck in traffic on The Vine, the situation would be much, much different. There would be less "there's an empty seat right here!" and more middle finger. I guess that's part of the charm of living in a city though. You're surrounded by complete strangers all the time. They grind your gears on the subway and they smell terrible but when the hustle and bustle is stripped away, you begin to see each other as neighbors. A community. And while there are exceptions, moments like this make me think that we really do have each other's backs. Alright Philadelphia, keep winning over my heart. 


p.s. Marisa has a blog, go check it out and tell her to blog more.


In the Wilderness

Danielle and I took a little trip up to Tyler State Park this weekend. Goodness, I love that place. It's right by my mom and dad's which means that it's the perfect distance outside of the city. It was a good trip that I needed in order to clear my head after an intense work week. Our exploration quickly turned into a random little outfit shoot. (Bloggers..........) I've been learning the importance of an "escape" every so often and I cherish these moments. If you haven't, I highly recommend it. Go outside. Wear a big hat. Get your feet dirty. Get a little bit too much sun on your nose and cheeks. Don't care about what you look like but somehow still manage to look almost fabulous, as I've managed to do here. Explore. 


*photos by the lovely and talented Danielle Conyers.



There's so much sadness in the world. So much heartbreak, so few instances of compassion. I've been hit particularly hard these past few weeks, especially working in the news. Can't escape it. I've been more intentional with my alone time; always trying to force my thought patterns to more positive than negative. I've found that lists work. When I turn my gaze to the simple, beautiful sentiments of life, it makes the rest of it not seem so bad.

1. Hearing the sound of a loved one's voice for the first time in while.

2. Remembering the first time I ever watched dolphins dance down the shoreline.

3. Moments I can be alone with only my piano and my thoughts.

4. My 22nd birthday. (Seeing Sigur Ros play an outdoor show under a stunning early-autumn night sky.)

5. Sister inside jokes.

6. Fresh flowers.

7. Eating crab fries, people-watching, and laughing until my abs hurt on the Ocean City boardwalk with my family.

8. That nervous, excited anticipation of meeting someone new for the first time.

9. New York Post headlines.

10. Manhattan under a blanket of fresh snow.




Every time I wear this kimono, I feel the need to listen to Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. If you've never listened to that album, what are you doing with your life? It'll make you want to slip on a breezy dress and dance in a grassy knoll somewhere.