Sunset on the Ben Franklin Bridge


model, Philadelphia, bridge, sunset, portraitI live so close to the pedestrian entrance onto the Ben Franklin Bridge. I used to go by it every day on the way home from work and think "I'm gonna do that walk someday." I did it when I was a kid and it was fantastic. It's neither difficult nor inconvenient, I guess just like anything else that's not overtly "productive," it kind of gets lost in the shuffle. At the last minute, Danielle and I decided to shoot these photos up on the bridge. We ended up accidentally watching the sunset over the Philly skyline. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Casually Clad


Some days, I have a lot to say. Others, I do not. Rather than trying to force it, here are some photos.

ICELAND - Skógafoss


skogafoss, iceland, wedding, elopement, photos
So sad! I'm sharing photos from the last day of our trip today. To make the trip back to the airport a little less somber (before we all went our separate ways to different homes, countries, and time zones) we stopped at Skógafoss. Of course my wedding dress came along as well.

Photos by Violet Short.

ICELAND: The Wedding Day


I've been sort of putting off posting all of the photos from our wedding day. It's not that I haven't wanted to share them with you-- I haven't had a moment to really pore over all of them myself. I just wanted some time to soak it all in and enjoy them before putting them up here. Some time to reflect, some time to cry, some time to repeat over and over "I JUST WANT TO GO BACK!"

*All images by Violet Short

All Bundled Up


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Working exclusively from home now means I look like this most of the time. Black denim, some sort of band tee, and Docs. If I even go outside, that is. To be honest, it gets kind of depressing. It's given me a chance to take a look at why I wear the clothes I do though, and I've learned something: I take myself too seriously. When I got dressed this morning, I didn't try to impress anyone. I wore what I wanted to. I don't think I'm going to be on the cover of Vogue any time soon but it was a worthwhile experiment.