Herringbone & Faux Fur

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Easiest way to look chic and polished for a lowkey event such as a weekend brunch or casual dinner and a movie? A long coat will get the job done. (Bonus points if it's herringbone-- extra classy.)

Baby Blue & Mom Jeans

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I didn't choose the mom life, the mom life chose me. (Dog mom, that is.) Mom jeans have kinda been my thing lately. So they may not be the most "traditionally flattering" but who's going to complain about all of that pocket space? Certainly not I.

Doom & Gloom

Doom, Gloom, Sweatshirt,

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Who doesn't love a good designer collaboration? River Island x Ashish is all anyone could ever want in a collab: athleisure-- but with sequins, East meets West vibes, and glamourous in the most accessible way. I love a cheeky graphic tee so a big ole cozy sweatshirt with a bold statement is an obvious sartorial win for me. 

Blue Denim & Black Details

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Sometimes, basics are the best. When in doubt, put on a simple black top and blue jeans. Bonus points if the jeans have a surprising little detail like the frayed hem and color blocking detail on these bad boys.

Velvet & Floral

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Floral is a favorite of mine but I don't have to tell you that, do I? I let the outfits speak for themselves. What's better than a little floral dress? A little floral dress made of velvet. Bonus points if, by some sort of witchcraft, it's also sheer in some places like this one from River Island. Dresses and tights for autumn: more a more iconic duo. I'll wait.