Too Hot for this Nonsense


Can I tell you guys a secret? Sometimes I'm super not into taking photos for this blog. This was one of those days. It was hot and I was miserably pale after that never-ending winter. On the agenda for this weekend: 1. Get a tan. 2. Figure out how to not be such a wimp when it comes to warm weather.

A Uniform of Sorts


Dressing for work is a challenge for me. When I got my first "big girl" job at a TV station, I felt the need to dress like a news anchor. I would squeeze myself into shapely dresses and torture my feet with sky-high stilettos. I then realized how unbelievably unnecessary that all was and began mixing casual blouses with jeans and flats, after which I realized that I function much better when I'm at least a little dressed up. What happened then was some sort of phenomenon: after a few months of documenting my clothing choices, I realized that without even trying, all of my work clothes were a monochromatic blend of black, white, and the occasional grey. (It's true. So, so true.)

Portraits, 001


"A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” - Edward Steichen

I really love photographing people. It's not that landscapes and other various inanimate objects aren't interesting to me, it's just that nothing pulls my heart strings quite like the sentiment of immortalizing a moment. As human beings, we are capable of such an astonishing range of emotions and once we're felt one, we can never feel exactly the same way ever again. A properly-executed portrait captures that fleeting moment and keeps it for eternity. Photographs reveal so much about the subject and the photographer. I've gotten to know my friends so much better through my 30mm lens.

Rose + Cayenne Pepper Iced Coffee


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Guys, I have a problem. While I tend to drink a lot of coffee in the fall and winter, as soon as the warm weather settles in and iced coffee is plentiful, my caffeine consumption quadruples. I went to Menagerie twice yesterday. I have no shame. Sometimes it's a cold brew with a splash of heavy cream, sometimes it's an iced americano (black, of course.) I like to change it up because I get bored easily. Having said that, I've gone kind of crazy conjuring up new iced coffee creations at home. As the weather gets warmer, I can only imagine how this little hobby of mine will intensify to gargantuan proportions. The combination du jour has been rose and cayenne pepper. It's zesty with dainty floral notes and the perfect way to kick start your morning.