Pont Saint-Louis


I learned that all it takes to fit in with the Europeans is to wear a lot of black and to stare off into the distance a lot. For the best effect, do so on a bridge, as I am doing here. 

Get Your T-Day Booze On


It's Thanksgiving in a few days and if you're anything like me or any of the people I've come to know in my short time on this earth... you may need a little liquid help to quell some familial rage.

Yerba Mate Latte


I don't get to South Philly a lot but when I do, it almost always includes a trip to Grindcore House for a gluten free bagel and a Yerba Mate Latte. It's this great little vegan coffee shop on a quiet corner. If you're local, you should definitely check it out.

Over the River Leie


Philadelphia, Fashion, Blog, Ghent, Belgium, travel, blanket, scarf, Prada, blog, street, styleWe snapped these photos in Ghent, (more pictures coming soon, of course!) which was my favorite part of our trip. We walked up and down this river path dozens of times and it never got old. I'd give anything to be back in this spot again. 



Brenden and I loved Belgium. We started out by spending a couple of days in Brussels, which is an incredibly lively city full of beautiful old architecture and GREAT food. We felt so welcome there, it didn't feel like a foreign country at all. If you want to experience European hospitality at its finest, take a jet over to Belgium. For real.