Open Letter to an Old Friend


Dear Old Friend, 

You got married. I have absolutely no doubt that you looked positively stunning. I know that when you saw your groom for the first time, your eyes must have filled with tears, your heart overflowing with the purest kind of joy. Despite the hurt and anger that I'd been harboring for the past few months, I spent my Friday powering through pangs of sadness. I felt nostalgia, tenderness, and tiny moments of regret. Would you have awkwardly asked me for "wedding night" advice? How many times would I get misty-eyed? Would we exchange knowing looks at any point?

For a Summer Evening


As much as I hate using this space to talk about something as pointless as the weather, I'm just going to say it: I'm not too fond of summer. I love it in theory but I hate the oppressive heat and humidity that come along with living on the East Coast. If you've never been here, I'll put it like this: When you step outside at 11PM and you're STILL sweating, that's a problem. You shouldn't be sweating at night. Am I right? I do love the things that come along with summer though: the extra sunshine, the tan (which I obviously need to work on...), hikes with my family, cookouts, day trips to the beach, sundresses, and... rompers!

Baby Blue


baby, blue, maxi, dress, summer, street, style, Philadelphia, fashion, ombre, balayageThis outfit reminds me of one of my favorites from last summer. I don't wear a lot of baby blue but when I do, I like to think that I kill it. (In a good way, of course.)

Best Friends Wear Matching Shirts


couple, Fennec, design, crop, top, American, Apparel,
Summer weekends are the best. Danielle, Brenden, and I have formed this "Three Musketeers-esque" bond and spend our days doing the yuppiest of the young urban professional activities. This weekend, we went to at least three different coffee shops and an Ikea.  As "vanilla" as those things may be on their own, I'm gonna go ahead and chalk up "going to brunch in coordinating tops" as one of the whitest things I've ever done. (Can't speak for the others.) Come to think of it now, this "J. Crew model" pose isn't helping.

Blue, Lately


Philadelphia, fashion, blog, E.M., Ricchini, Erika, romper, anthropologie, YSL, pumps, nude, This wall used to be a mural of sorts. (It was actually featured in an old post!) While I was a tiny bit sad to see it go, this shade of blue is kind of perfect.