A Vintage Dress

When I first started this blog, I wore some kind of vintage dress almost every day. It's been a while (five and a half years!) and a lot has changed since then. I don't wear dresses too often anymore but these retro beauties will always have a special place in my heart. My wardrobe has completely transformed but this little number has stayed with me. The drop waist is so very French-- effortlessly chic. 

Herringbone & Black

This look puts together some of my favorite pieces for fall: a simple mini skirt, booties, a classic black bag, and a fun hat. It's sort of a "best of" from the French muses of the 70's. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with black on black on black on herringbone. (Keep that in mind if you need to put together an effortless but polished look any time soon.)

Pink & Orange

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately-- been going through some pretty big life changes. New hair, new place to live, new just about everything. Bear with me because this transition may be a little, dare I say, rough? At least I'll look good going through it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Red Wrap Dress

Thanks Primark for sponsoring this post!

For my third late-summer look from Primark, I decided to dress up a little. This wrap dress sashayed its way into my heart (and subsequently my wardrobe) so of course I had to pair it with my favorite early-autumn peep toe platforms and my go-to summer bag.

Casual Sunday

Sundays are for waking up late, (like 7:30 or 8AM) spending a few hours in a coffee shop for no particular reason, and planning a big, elaborate dinner but getting Chinese takeout instead. Basically, I love Sundays. Getting stuff done is an added bonus but not entirely necessary for a good Sunday. The brisk chill has been bringing out all sorts of excitement in me. I'm not sure if "white girl wasted" is still a part of my generation's rapidly-evolving common lexicon but I'm ready to get white girl wasted on Autumn.