On Anger, Hurt, and Vulnerability

They say it's an inevitability: that life goes fast and nothing will stay the same for long. That doesn't make change any easier, especially when everything changes at once. Especially when it happens over the course of a week. The home you knew for years becomes a distant memory. A best friend becomes an enemy. Your name and your reputation are slandered and you begin looking for a new city in which to live. A chance to start over. A chance to be free of those who will hurt you. Last year, 2015, was the year of getting to know myself. I went through some dark periods but they made me stronger. This year, 2016, will be known to me as the year I had to come to terms with my illness. The year that almost broke me. 


I should add some more color to my wardrobe, no? Probably but how could I when black and white look so good with everything? Now that this glorious autumn weather seems like it's here to stay, I've pulled my thigh-high boots and oversized sweaters out of storage. 

My Very Best Ivy League

Ah, the most perfect Autumn day in Princeton. This quaint New Jersey town is so perfect in the fall. Lively streets, cozy coffee shops, and close to so many apple orchards and pumpkin patches. What else could you want? We took Charlie Kelly for a little walk and decided that the two of us looked too good to not snap a few pics. (Especially since the last time Charlie posed with me was over a year ago!)

Autumn Tones

Every season, I share some pieces that are really inspiring me to put together some great outfits. Fall is my favorite, of course. Not just because I get to layer to my heart's content but also because the autumnal color palette is the best color palette. I love the rich jewel tones on top of-- you guessed it-- lots of black. 

Brooklyn Baby

When life gets hard, sometimes you need to kidnap your best friend and bring her to Brooklyn for a day of vegan donuts, people-watching, and other various Instagram-worthy moments. Okay so maybe that's not exactly how it happened but we found ourselves in New York and decided to make lemonade out of the lemons life (so unfairly) handed to me. And what do you do in Brooklyn? You put on a felt hat and do your best to stand out while also blending in.