All in STYLE

Blue Denim & Stripes

Now that Iโ€™ve got myself an office job, I have to keep it a tad more profesh between nine and five thirty, Monday through Friday. This striped number from River Island is both business and pleasure.

Stripes & Pearl Accents

Striped pants are a very underrated item. I see them getting some recognition, but it's nowhere near the widespread adoration that that deserve. These are clearly for summer but I just added some tights and pretended that I didn't know. It works. 

Bow Tie & Stripes

I never really got into Rilo Kiley but I can respect the vibes and I often try to channel Jenny Lewis in my looks, because she's an indisputable babe. In addition to being an ode to Jenny, this ensemble is a nod to a younger me. Floppy bow ties 4ever, folks.