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At Home Dirty Chai Latte

At Home Dirty Chai Latte


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I know that Pumpkin Spice gets a lot of love these days but Dirty Chai will forever hold a special place in my heart. If you’re not sure what a Dirty Chai Latte is, hear me out: it’ll change your life. Try to imagine the warm, savory spices found in masala chai paired with the chocolatey, cherry notes found in espresso. Add some warm milk and some foam and it’s basically the greatest autumn beverage you can have for yourself. Though it can be quite pricey out at a coffee shop, (especially if you’re an alternative milk option drinker like I am!) it’s not too difficult to make at home: just grab some Café Bustelo Instant Espresso powder and a few other items that I bet you already have in your pantry.


Café Bustelo Instant Espresso Powder

Masala Chai Tea

Milk (your choice)

Brown Sugar

One Whisk

One Small Sauce Pan

As stated above, you’re going to need a saucepan. Before you can get started on the drink itself, you have to make a batch of masala chai simple syrup. If you’ve never made simple syrup, have no fear! It’s extremely, well… simple. Pour equal parts water and brown sugar in a sauce pan. I did one cup of each, but you can make more if you want to have a lot on hand for future drinks for multiple people. (This stuff is sweet, and a little goes a long way.) Along with the water and sugar, throw in some tea bags. I like mine on the stronger side so I added three. Heat the water and sugar until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved and the tea is steeped to your liking. Take it off the heat and transfer it to a glass jar. Set it in the fridge, clean the saucepan, and you’re ready for part two! (Just one more step to go.)


Remove your milk of choice from the fridge and pour one cup into your saucepan. Heat on medium while stirring with a whisk to make sure that it doesn’t burn. Add one heaping teaspoon (or a little more, if you like it strong like I do!) of your Café Bustelo Espresso Roast Instant Coffee and stir until it’s dissolved. Add one tablespoon of your chai simple syrup and mix together. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy.

If you want to be a little extra fancy, pour some additional milk in the saucepan after moving your drink over to a mug. Not too much, just enough so that it coats the bottom: then, whisk vigorously to create foam to pour over the drink. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon . This drink is one that’s best enjoyed while piping hot, especially when there’s some biscotti (anise goes quite well with it!) or shortbread cookies to dip.

Oh, and it also goes very well as an iced drink: Just put the milk, simple syrup, and instant coffee in a jar, shake, and pour over ice.

There you have it: the perfect warm beverage for a weekend afternoon in, a weekday morning on the go, or even an evening under the covers with a good book or a movie. (If you have a high tolerance for caffeine. If you don’t, I wouldn’t recommend drinking coffee right before bed…)

xo, e.m.

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