Casual Sunday

Sundays are for waking up late, (like 7:30 or 8AM) spending a few hours in a coffee shop for no particular reason, and planning a big, elaborate dinner but getting Chinese takeout instead. Basically, I love Sundays. Getting stuff done is an added bonus but not entirely necessary for a good Sunday. The brisk chill has been bringing out all sorts of excitement in me. I'm not sure if "white girl wasted" is still a part of my generation's rapidly-evolving common lexicon but I'm ready to get white girl wasted on Autumn. 

This outfit is a bit simpler than most but I rather like it. My beloved grey Zara jeggings suffered an unfortunate accident at the coffee shop a few weeks ago. I squatted down a bit too aggressively and ripped a hole in the inner thigh area. The worst part? I still had about 40 minutes left in my shift. Thank goodness we have just about every color of electrical tape in the office. I made myself a (hideous) patch and was good to go. As soon as I got home, I went online and ordered a new pair. Note to self: no squatting in these, or in any sort of denim at all. I know, the aforementioned anecdote doesn't sound like a glowing review of these pants but my thighs have been known to destroy many pairs of jeans.

Zara Jeggings   |   A&F Boyfriend Tee   |   Zara Woven Boots (similar)   |   Vintage Denim Jacket   |   ASOS Beaded Pouch Necklace (similar)   |   Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o)   |   Madewell Bracelet   |   LAGOS Jewelry Bracelet 

xo, e.m.