Pink Denim Jacket

You know how I've been trying to expand my wardrobe beyond black denim and neutrals? I'm sure glad I did, because I found a new love: pink. denim. jackets. I was looking for the perfect piece that would not only make a statement but could also be a staple in my summer wardrobe. (Easier said than done, no?) My friends at G-Star sent me this pink denim jacket and all I could say was "oh hell yeah." I'm going to go ahead and officially declare pink a "neutral."

Seriously cute jacket, right? I also love these pink chinos and these pink shorts. (Which are a perfect match for the jacket, wink wink!) I know that material things can't bring us true happiness but I have to say: wearing my pink denim on the way to work today was definitely a pretty decent remedy for the Monday blues.

What's your favorite feel-good piece?

xo, e.m.

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