Casual Sunday

There's nothing I appreciate more than a good lazy Sunday. You know, just a nice day to dress down, wander a bit, and eat some food you'd feel guilty about eating any other day of the week. Our Sunday was a bit busy with a shoot for Philly Streats magazine (more on that later) but after that, we had the rest of the day to just hang out and take a much needed stroll around our favorite part of the city. My go-to look for such occasion is jeans, flats, and an oversized band tee. I was feeling a bit sassy though and tried to make my signature look a little more blog-worthy by adding a corset. What do you think?

So I wanted to try this corset trend out for a bit before spending "actual" money on something that could have ended up looking positively asinine on me. I bought a cheap one on Amazon that got the job done but now I think I need to order another (slightly fancier) one because it stretched out fairly quickly.

So there you have it. Hope you all have a great week!

xo, e.m.