Wildflowers & Chambray

Beachy stripes are all the rage right now, even for a night out in the city. To make this trend a little more "me," I paired these chambray trousers with a sleek black crop top, these fabulous Rachel Comey clogs, and my favorite statement bag. I think it's the perfect mix of playful and timelessly chic. 

Pink Denim Jacket

You know how I've been trying to expand my wardrobe beyond black denim and neutrals? I'm sure glad I did, because I found a new love: pink. denim. jackets. I was looking for the perfect piece that would not only make a statement but could also be a staple in my summer wardrobe. (Easier said than done, no?) My friends at G-Star sent me this pink denim jacket and all I could say was "oh hell yeah." I'm going to go ahead and officially declare pink a "neutral."

Chopped & Frayed

It's been a while since I've donned an all-black ensemble. This was, of course, on purpose. At the beginning of the year, I decided to challenge myself to wear more color. I noticed that I was "hiding" behind all black looks because I was SO insecure about my body. Lately, though my body is not at "its best," I've been feeling great about it and decided I could celebrate by returning to my roots and wearing head to (almost) toe black. I love the simplicity of this outfit. The silhouette is the star of the show while the accessories add a fun 70's element. 

Pink & Black

Sometimes you put on an outfit that just feels right. I'd say I feel comfortable in my skin about 50% of the time. It's only natural, no? While 50% may not seem like a lot, it's an improvement. Despite blogging and having my photo taken on an almost daily basis, 50% is something that took a long time to attain. I can remember when it was more like 25%... or even 5%. Obviously half and half isn't ideal but for now, I'll take it.

Gingham & Bamboo

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits I've been able to conjure up recently. It's made up of some of my favorite elements: gingham, ruffles, oversized denim, a graphic tee, a felt hat, and a statement bag. It's perfect for a day around town, which, for us, involved a stroll down Main Street and some Boing! Mango from our local burrito joint. Life's been a bit weird lately. I need a lot of juice and more good outfits like this to keep me sane.

Some Serious 90's Vibes

Go ahead: try and think of something more 90's than a sunflower print mini dress, an oversized denim jacket, a velvet choker, a bucket bag, and a block heel. Let me tell you, aside from gratuitous amounts of Drew Barrymore and a half-decent American economy, there's not much. I owe this look partially to the fact that I've been watching a lot of Friends and who hasn't been at least subliminally influenced by any sartorial combination of Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe? Not sure if any of the Friends would wear this look but I can guarantee I could make it as an extra in the background of a Central Perk scene if I wanted to.

Elephant Print Jumpsuit

It took me a while to get over my fear of jumpsuits. I have short legs, a long torso, a big butt, and wide hips. Finding one that fits me without major... um... you know in the crotch region is difficult enough. Finding one that makes me look good and feel comfortable is basically impossible. Alas, I'm not one to give up. I fell in love with this one online and took a huge risk by ordering it without even looking at the sizing. It just happened to work out perfectly and though I only received it a week and a half ago, I've worn it twice already. Huzzah! 

Perfect Denim Jumper

If you read here often, you know this past year has been a bit of a struggle. I've gotten pretty good at coping and have made a bit of a "safe haven" in this "survival mode" way of doing life. While I will continue to work towards a better and more stable existence, I'm learning that true happiness is finding contentment in adversity. I've been working hard to appreciate the little things in life. Workaholics on Hulu, Ben & Jerry's Vegan Cherry Garcia, bike rides with Brenden, puppy cuddles with Charlie, driving with the windows down, and my coffee shop playlists are a few such things that are keeping me going. Not to get too corny or sentimental, but this blog is another one of those things. It challenges me and helps me grow as a sartorial enthusiast but also just as a person. I love experimenting with looks but also returning to some tried and true: floral, denim, and a hat. This is a classic "E.M." look-- An homage to a younger me and an inspiration to an older me.

Lace & Knit

An unexpected pairing of two of my favorite things: lace and cozy knits.

Those Parisian Vibes

White blouse. Black trousers. Brown boots. This is my attempt at being effortlessly chic as a only a Parisienne can naturally do. I had to try pretty hard but this sort of timelessness and classy minimalism will eventually become instinctual, right?

All About Swimsuits

Stella McCartney, Bathing Suit, Swimsuit, Bikini, high waisted, vintage, Hollister, RVCA, Mara Hoffman, Marysia, Matteau
If only for the briefest of moments, let's pretend that swimsuit shopping isn't an activity created by satan himself. (Because, let's be honest, it kind of is.) I don't think I've ever walked into a store to try on a swimsuit and left without crying at least once. That's why I just buy my swimsuits online now. Don't like it? OH WELL, I gotta either deal with it (because I inevitably end up liking it later anyway) or brave the post office (of which I am terrified for absolutely no reason at all.) Having said that, here are a few of my favorites. 

Tenue Décontractée

One of the reasons I love fashion is because it's constantly evolving-- including my own personal style. Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to make my casual wear a little more interesting. For an outfit like this, I'd typically wear some flats or maybe even my Chucks. For that extra je ne sais quoi, I paired this simple denim skirt, tee, and sweater with my current favorite booties. Très chic, no?


One of the reasons I don't like summer is because I've always been incredibly self-conscious about my legs. Even in various stages of weight loss and gain, different levels of tan, and despite waxing and waning muscular tone, I've just never liked them. They're aways covered in cuts and bruises and they're kinda stumpy. I think it's okay to be a bit insecure but since this year is all about overcoming my self-esteem issues, I bought this skort and just let it happen. I probably won't be wearing it in the future but it was fun to be brave for a few hours. 

Daytime Glitter

Who doesn't love some glitter every now and then? While it can certainly be a bit easy to overdo, it's often my go-to for a night out. What about for daytime though? I gave it a try and I gotta say, I'm going to do afternoon glitter more often. 

Black Stripes & Denim

Sundays are my absolute favorite. We've definitely talked about this before but I feel the need to reiterate just how much I love the first (or last, depending on where you're from) day of the week. It's the one day I give myself to take it easy. I only make plans if I absolutely must. It almost always includes coffee, people watching, and window-shopping.

This particular Sunday was especially lovely. As we were wandering about town, we stumbled upon this little slice of nature. Alright, so it's barely "nature." It's just a small green space between a gigantic shopping center and a quaint-but-busy street. Nonetheless, it was perfect for prancing in an ankle-length denim skirt, which is just what I did. (Watch out Fräulein Maria, there's a new carefree bitch in town.)

Untitled Spring Outfit

It's a Friday so I'll keep this one short: my favorite days are the ones warm enough that flowers are on display on the sidewalk but a light jacket is also necessary. Truly the best of both worlds. This was one of those days.

Best Spots for #OOTD Pics (In & Around Philly)

All walls are not created equal. Sometimes an #ootd is only as good as its backdrop and finding the perfect one can take a lot of time and effort. Luckily, I've spent countless hours driving, walking, biking, or otherwise aimlessly wandering around to find some of the best so you don't have to. Pretty sweet, right? After a few years of fashion blogging, I've stumbled upon some absolute gems in (and around) Philadelphia. I'd be remiss to not share a few of my favorites so here's part one of what's sure to be an expanding list.

La Femme

I've been all about experimenting with clothes and combinations I wouldn't normally wear lately. Gingham and borg: kindest of bedfellows? Probably not. Am I into this look regardless? Very much so. Paired with the most chic little graphic tee I could find and some classic little booties, this ensemble proved to be the perfect getup for a Sunday afternoon down the shore. 

Cherry Blossoms

At the risk of bringing a streak of misfortune upon myself, I have to say that I've been feeling pretty fantastic lately. I've really prioritized self-care and haven't been depriving myself of things like Workaholics marathons, early-2000's-girl-power-jams at full-volume in the car, and carbs. I'm finally starting to feel like myself again after months-- maybe even years-- of tumult.

Despite allergies and that whole "spring forward" thing, spring may very well be becoming my favorite season. The symbolic rebirth is something I've really needed lately and the cherry blossoms are a fantastic visual reminder. I've been in the winter of my life for so long and now to see brighter days ahead is so important and so beautiful.

Florals: A Collaboration with PHL Fashion Bloggers

One of my favorite things about fashion is that it is so open to expression and interpretation. You could give three different people the same pair of trousers to style and I guarantee you'd end up with three completely different looks. It's truly a beautiful thing, and that's why I'm loving these monthly PHLBloggers collaborations. This month, we settled on florals. (Of which you know I'm a huge fan.) After deciding on that trend, we all had the freedom to style it however we wanted. Don't we all look fabulous?

Black & White & Black & Brown

I love this outfit but it also served as a cruel reminder to the harsh reality that is chub rub. This early in the season, I can kinda deal with it because my legs are just happy to not be suffocating in the darkness of their denim shroud. I can tell you this though: it gets real old, real quick. Nonetheless, I'm probably going to be wearing this black denim skirt almost every other day this Spring and well into the summer. 

(Almost) Barely There Makeup

There have been but a handful of days in my entire life when, mostly in early summer, I've woken up, rolled out of bed, and miraculously looked adequately presentable. Something about that sun-kissed glow, the perfectly-tussled bedhead-- so effortless. However, I can't be so lucky every day and more often than not, I need a bit of help. Recently, instead of putting on my whole "face," I've been doing the bare minimum for some barely there vibes. Since I had so much fun putting together a post about my nighttime skincare routine, I decided to do one for my morning ritual. All you really need is some lotion, a dab of foundation, highlighter, some strategically-placed bronzer, and mascara. Ready? Let's go! 

All About Spring 2017 Trends

I've always been more of an autumn girl but as the years have gone by, I've grown to adore spring fashion. I always look forward to watching the shows, as they give me a little ray of hope to hold onto when those winter nights get long. Spring 2017 has been especially wonderful. You may have already seen my yellow dress? Be prepared to see a lot more yellow-- not necessarily on me-- but you know, just "out there." Also be prepared for stripes, platforms, and HELLA asymmetry.

Read more to see where you can find some of my favorite pieces that may very well get you through Labor Day:


Ah, spring in Philadelphia. It's a beautiful thing. You don't have to wander too far to stumble upon a charming row of cherry blossom trees. The streets are full of bright-faced pedestrians ambling, tentatively stepping and welcoming each distraction. It's a nice change from the rushing, bumping into every other person, just trying to get to wherever they need to go. We had such a day. These photos were taken two-thirds of the way through a leisurely stroll that accidentally turned into a multi-neighborhood trek with various distractions and no destination in particular. 

Black Overalls

Ah, April. After a few emotionally exhausting days, B and I are laying in bed as I write this-- eating soy nuts and watching Archer. Have you ever thought you had everything planned out perfectly, got invested in it, then had it all fall apart? We're reeling, which is why I'm taking a few days off from blogging this week. Need to use that creative energy to clear my thoughts and think about our next more. More on that later though.

Let's talk about these overalls, okay? When I don't know what else to wear, they're my go-to when I just want to be "cute." Not necessarily sexy. Just cute. Same with a good boho top. Because I've been in such a bad place, I needed to double-up on the foolproof cuteness to make sure I was presentable. 

Those 70's Vibes

So I can't believe that I've been blogging for five (yes, FIVE-- I completely forgot to do something special so I'm going to have to do so very soon...) years without mentioning one of my biggest style icons: a certain Miss Jackie Beulah Burkhart. (Middle name necessary.) Yes, Mila Kunis's character on That 70's Show. She's a babe with a wardrobe made of dreams. 

A quick search will reveal that I've always had a little "thing" for 70's-inspired ensembles. Though this one felt a little more like a costume and a little less like an "E.M." outfit. Still, I love it and had a lot of fun wearing it. Note to self: sometimes going overboard is necessary.

Yes, More Blue Jeans

Two blue jeans posts in a row: who am I? I usually start out posts like these by saying, "now, I don't usually enjoy blue denim..." but I think it's time I admit that I've been lying to myself. How about these bad boys though? I'm into embroidery and birds so of course bird embroidery wins me over. To let these magnificent trousers speak for themselves, I kept the rest of the outfit simple: a black turtleneck, vegan leather jacket, and my favorite nude mules. 

Ruffled Denim

Every once in a while you find an article of clothing that makes your heart sing. I often say that I'm not a blue denim girl but as soon as I saw these, I had to have them. (Because singing, guys.) I'll be wearing them a LOT more but for their glorious debut, I figured I'd keep it simple: some of my favorite lace-up flats, a cozy sweater, and my trusty satchel.

Ruffled: A Collaboration with PHLBloggers

What do you do when you want to see how to wear a trend several different ways at once? You call your PHLBloggers friends and have a photoshoot, of course! On this month's agenda: RUFFLES. (And lots of 'em.) All six of us were given the task of styling a ruffled piece of clothing or accessory. I love how we all took the trend and put our own little spin on it. Added bonus? You can find an in-depth look at this shoot in the next issue of Philly Streats

Corset Belt

Sundays are special days around here. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are for juggling my full-time job, my startup, house hunting, the blog, etc. Sundays are our day to relax, grab a cup of coffee, and catch up on our shows. (Read: watch through The Office again, in its entirety.) Sundays are also my day to dress how I want to dress since I don't really have to do anything. Since I already loved this corset belt trend, I decided to try it out in a little dressier manner.

Granny Chic

I'm an old soul. Nothing repulses me more than the thought of going to a night club and my ideal friday night includes Chinese takeaway, watching Cheers on Netflix, and being in bed by ten o'clock. Naturally, I enjoy dressing like the little old lady that I am inside. Maxi dress, turtleneck, oversized handbag, and all. Because I'm still 25, I like to add some edgier elements to my granny style-- in this case, knee-high boots and a vegan leather jacket.

My Nighttime Skin-Care Routine

The older I get, the more I realize just how important a nightly skincare routine truly is. For one, it makes my morning makeup regimen so much simpler when my skin is fresh and clear and there's not much that needs covering up. (Read: I'm able to sleep in a little more.) I've also found that it's healthy to have some sort of ritual before climbing into bed.

Thanks to this blog, I've received many, many skincare products so I've gotten to try out a plethora of different lotions, serums, cleansers, toners, etc. Some made my skin feel greasy. Others worked but didn't play along too well with other products I was trying out. Some made me break out for a week straight. (That was not a great time.) After trying out what feels like a hundred combinations, I found one that not only works for me, but works really, really well.

Black, White, & Nude

Not all outfits are created equally and I definitely do not look blogworthy every day. I'm trying to get better at dressing myself on the "off days"-- not because I need to look good for anyone else but because I enjoy coming up with new looks. Not to mention, I feel better when I put a little pride into my appearance. I rotate through articles of clothing but rarely wear the same outfit more than once. (Except this one. I wear this one at least once a week.) Because I've been all about stretching myself creatively, I've been challenging myself to do "casual" interestingly. Easier said than done. 

All About Dresses

While I'm a bit annoyed that every single day is "national something day," (I think we've had this conversation before?) how could I not celebrate National Dress Day? Dresses are my favorite way to look good while putting in the least amount of effort. It took a while to find a style of dress that really suited me but once I found it, (with some help from Alexa Chung) it began a long storybook romance. A smock dress, black tights, and flats are my go-to look so here are some of my favorite styles.

Dust Pink & Stripes

Happy March! (For real though, I seriously can't believe it's already March.) It's time to start transitioning from all-winter-all-the-time to some winter mixed with some spring. I love layering cozy shirts under spring dresses, such as this striped turtleneck with this very-90's asymmetrical dress in the loveliest dust pink.

Casual Sunday

There's nothing I appreciate more than a good lazy Sunday. You know, just a nice day to dress down, wander a bit, and eat some food you'd feel guilty about eating any other day of the week. Our Sunday was a bit busy with a shoot for Philly Streats magazine (more on that later) but after that, we had the rest of the day to just hang out and take a much needed stroll around our favorite part of the city. My go-to look for such occasion is jeans, flats, and an oversized band tee. I was feeling a bit sassy though and tried to make my signature look a little more blog-worthy by adding a corset. What do you think?

Muse: Claudine Auger

Despite this warm weather I've been talking about, I'm starting to get a little bout of the mid-winter sads. It's not quite Seasonal Affective Disorder but I've been feeling a little low on inspiration lately, which means it's time for another muse! Since I'm trying to get my body ready for spring dresses and skirts, I'm inspired by Bond Girl Claudine Auger's classy-yet-sexy vibes. We've all got a little Domino in us, so why not try the look?

Hello, White Shoes

It's been a while since I put on this linen jumpsuit (last seen here) but figured with some more unseasonably warm weather, it had to be done. I know it's not actually spring yet but Stacy and Clinton taught me that it's okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day. Even if you want to stick to those old rules, 70 degree weather has to be the exception, no?

Mid-Winter Uniform

I've been wearing this jegging/shoe/coat combination basically nonstop lately. If you read this blog often, you already know this. Today was certainly no exception, just with a few changes. Instead of the usual almost-all-black, I peppered in some grey tones and added a different kind of hat. It's a little more casual-- and dare I say sportier (minus the shoes)-- than the usual and that's why I like it.

All About Pink & Red

I've always worn black and have found myself wearing more and more but I still have a huge soft spot in my heart for pink and red-- especially when it comes to accessories. I'm not one for celebrating Valentine's Day but I'm all about that V-Day aesthetic. I'm all for pink and red year-round. 

February Florals

Every once in a while, we'll get an unseasonably warm day in February. When these happen, you just gotta get your booty to the great outdoors and enjoy the springlike weather while it lasts. This was one such day. You know that fresh feeling you get when you wake up on an early spring day? There's a hopefulness in the air-- birds are singing, the sun is shining, and you just can't wait to step outside. I love winter but it's easy to get lost in the cold-weather doldrums. A warm day is all you need sometimes: just that little glimmer of hope to get you through to April.

I've been wearing this floral suit quite a bit lately (seen here and here) so of course the blazer made an appearance.

Black Metal

I laughed out loud when I saw that Vetements started selling their own black metal-style tees for $1,300. If you know anything about black metal, the irony won't be lost. While some were up in arms about it, saying they can't believe a design collective is cashing in on something we all used to get made fun of for being into, I decided to roll with the punches and dust off some of my old band tees. Let's see how it turned out.

Valentine's Day with LAGOS Jewelry

Thanks LAGOS Jewelry for sponsoring this post!

V-day is only a week and a half away, which means it's time to start dropping hints to that special someone. I love a night out and some chocolates but now that I've reached the ripe, old age of 25, I think it's about time to start adding some fine jewelry to my collection. (Did you read that, Brenden?) So, whether you're subtly telling your significant other that you're hoping for something shiny, you need some inspiration for what to buy your sweetie, or you just want to treat yourself to a necklace or bracelet that you'll keep around forever, you should absolutely keep reading.

After the Dust has Settled

It's been a while since I've shared a journal-like post on here. Honestly, last time I spilled my heart out, I got a lot of negativity back so it kind of frightened me away from being open and honest for a bit.

In the beginning of 2016, I set a list of goals for myself. I achieved some of them but lost myself in the process. That year started strong. I had just gotten married, I had just gotten a fantastic promotion at work, and I was generally content. Then, somewhere in the middle of January, something happened that threw everything into flux. I quit my job, I lost my mind, and I almost drank myself to death. Funny how one seemingly insignificant moment can change the trajectory of your entire life, sort of undoing everything you'd worked hard for. Before last January, my mood disorder had been palpable but the shifting between depression, slight discontent, slight content, and euphoria only felt like minor tremors. Enough to throw me off but not enough to shake me. I'd liken January's event to more of a quake-- or whatever is bigger than that. It rattled me to the core and the aftershocks are still being felt over a year later. 

Velvet for a Hot Winter Date

Does anybody else have trouble finding winter-appropriate date night looks? Or is it just me? Though B and I don't go on many dates because we're the biggest homebodies, when we do have an evening on the town, I like to get gussied and do it right. Velvet is perfect. It's fuzzy but in a very sleek and sexy way. The fact that it's extremely touchable doesn't hurt either. (Imagine me raising my eyebrows and winking just then.)

Grown-Up Shoes for Doing Grown-Up Things

While neither the most interesting nor the most planned-out outfit I've put on, I think this one is going to have some sentimental specialness attached to it. Why, you may ask? Well, it happened to be the outfit I chose while B and I took a big step towards becoming "proper" adults: we started looking at houses. Crazy, right? While we get our finances in order (and prayer up-- startup life-- right?) we're still casually browsing just to get an idea of what we want. I gotta say though, this kind of responsibility is harrowing. All I can say is that I'm so thankful that my parents came with us because every time the realtor asked me a question, I kind of forgot that she was asking me. I had many "I need an adult" moments. That might be what adulthood is though, no?

Anyway, I wanted to pick out clothes for the day that would do this occasion justice. Something grown-up but not too grown up. I actually ended up piecing together some of my favorite basic pieces-- something I need to do more often.

Black Denim Culottes

Thanks eShakti for sponsoring this post!

This year thus far has been all about me getting out of my comfort zone. I tend to wear a lot of dresses and skirts and save the jeans for super casual days. I always saw skirts and dresses as a way to cover up the undesirable parts of my body. You know-- just get a flowing dress or structured high-waisted skirt and nobody will know that you're-- well-- a little chubby. Plus-- our bodies are immensely different. There's no way the average pair of jeans is fitting over these buns, you know?

When eShakti reached out and wanted to send me some clothes, I gravitated towards their dresses (which I've done in the past, as seen here and most recently here) but decided to get a pair of custom-fitted jeans.

All About Flowers & Blush

When I was in middle school, hot pink and black was the color combination du jour. I can still feel those jelly bracelets on my wrists and specifically recall my AIM profile: a pink Circle Takes the Square lyric with a black background. (I know. So edgy.) Now that I'm older, it makes me cringe a bit but I've still got a soft spot for pink and black. I like to think of dark floral and blush as the grown-up version of my angsty teen aesthetic.

As Real As The Streets

Not sure if this look is necessarily "blog-worthy" but I kinda like it. It's definitely a lot more "street style" than usual for me but I'm into it. It's actually so street that I had to make a Workaholics reference in the post title. (If you knew what it was before watching the video, we might have to become best friends.)

A Floral Pantsuit For A Nashville Brunch

Hey y'all! (That was my best Nashville impression-- how did I do?) My BFF and I just got back from a road trip to Nashville and Richmond. It was a whirlwind, sort of this last-minute idea that we forced to happen. I'd say it turned out quite well. 

I don't usually try to match my surroundings when I travel-- because why wouldn't I just stamp "mega-tourist!" on my forehead instead?-- but when it came to brunch in Nashville, I went full-on floral pantsuit. That's somewhat southern, right?