My New Favorite Embroidered Denim

Remember how I was telling you about my love for choker tops the other day? I got a white one, despite the fact that I tend to not wear a lot of white. And you know how I rarely wear actual jeans? I got a pair of embroidered denim that I just might be in love with.

No, really. I when was the last time you saw me wearing blue jeans. Black? Yes, constantly. A very dark wash? Occasionally. Light denim? Never. I had some boyfriend jeans I used to love but haven't been able to fit into them in about year and a half. (Oops?)

When I saw these jeans while browsing some of PacSun's Cyber Monday deals, it was love at first sight. I decided to grab a pair but didn't know what I'd do to really make 'em pop. I saw this white top and figured that I'd go with it. I never wear light denim, I never wear white, why not try them out together? 

When I first stepped out, I felt a little self-conscious. Like I said a little further up, I've put on some weight and tend to wear baggier clothing. This top is definitely on the tighter side and maybe not the most flattering. Plus white is kinda the opposite of slimming. Instead of focusing on my insecurities, I decided to make a mental note of the things I do like about my body. My New Year's resolution is to obviously lose all this extra weight I've put on but while I'm doing so (in a healthy and enriching way!) I might as well be thankful for my various flaws. 

xo, e.m.

jeans/ PacSun, top/ PacSun (buy one and get another 50% off this weekend!), boots/ ASOS (similar), blazer/ ASOS (similar),  bag/ Prada (similar under $150


  1. That's really cool. The look is great and love the blazer you threw on top.

  2. This outfit is amazing and those jeans look incredible on you! You are totally rocking it :)

  3. That's a gorgeous outfit! I think it looks great on you, even though it's out of your comfort zone.

    Marta -

    1. Thanks! I gotta get out of my comfort zone more often ;)

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