october favorites

Wahoo, I finally have power again! You never realize how crucial electricity is until you lose it for a week. October was a busy month for me, and I went quite a few days without posting, which I HATE! Thank you guys for sticking it out with me, November is gonna be a really fun month for us! Here are  few of my favorite posts from October, which ones were yours?

October was a good month for clothes since layers = GOOD. Here, here, and here are three of my favorites.

One of my favorite things about this month was all of the fun DIYs! I particularly enjoyed the lace moccasins, skeleton belt, and autumn wreath.

It was a busy week for photography! Some of my favorite jobs from this month were Melanie & Dan's Wedding, the Willey Family, Brandon & Alyssa's Proposal, Mike & Brittany's Wedding, and Mike & Melissa's Wedding.

As the weather gets colder, it's a little more difficult to eat healthy but I used October to try to fix that. I'm pretty obsessed with my kombucha recipe and this vegan borscht recipe from this month!

As far as miscellaneousness goes, I had SO much fun creating my own fabric, chatting about how to choose the right lens, and sharing some of my tips for working from home

Here's to another month! Happy November!
xo, e.m.


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