diy doily tote

Never underestimate a doily and some fabric glue. Ever. (Remember my lace moccasin DIY?) Today, I made this cute little tote bag and it was easy as pie! It's perfect to carry your books to class or your groceries from the store and would make a perfect gift.

What you'll need: A blank tote bag, (any color!) a doily of any size, some fabric glue and that sponge-stick thing.

Begin by placing the doily on the bag to see where you'd like it to be. Put some glue on that bad boy and stick it in its place. Wait for it to dry and... voilà! Instant cute.

Happy crafting!



  1. so cute! this would be good for covering up a logo too if you found a big enough doily!

  2. Lovely! sweet and simple. Im glad i stumbled onto your blog loving it so far :)


  3. This would make such a rad gift for a friend of mine's birthday next week. So sweet and delicate. I might give this one a go.

  4. Love this! Super easy and cute. 😄